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Acre Rigg Infant School - Curriculum Statement  

At Acre Rigg Infant School we are passionate about ensuring all children become confident and enthusiastic readers and writers. We believe that phonics provides the foundations of learning to support children on their journey to becoming fluent in reading and writing.
The teaching of phonics is given a high priority throughout Early Years and Key Stage 1. Children have daily discrete phonics lessons and they are given opportunities to practice their early reading and writing skills both through directed teacher-led tasks and independent learning in the classroom areas.

We aim for children to:

  • develop their phonological awareness and phonemic awareness by the end of Nursery,
  • develop their ability to read and write simple words and sentences by the end of Reception,
  • develop their ability to read and write longer words and a series of related sentences by the end of Year 1, and
  • develop their reading fluency, comprehension skills and knowledge of correct spelling rules by the end of Year 2.

All aspects of our curriculum are accessible to all children, irrespective of their ethnic background, gender, disability, religious or linguistic background. We strive hard to meet the needs of those pupils with special educational needs, those with disabilities, those who are more able, those with special gifts and talents and the children who are learning English as an additional language. We provide a rich, challenging curriculum, which stretches all of our children. Staff are aware of children who have exceptional talents and gifts and monitor or track their progress carefully to ensure their academic potential or talent is continually developed. For further details see separate policies.

To find out more about SEND please click on the link below.

Maths Workshop

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly.


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