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Curriculum Impact

Curriculum Impact: Are we making a difference?


At Acre Rigg Infant School, we have four intentions when it comes to measuring the impact of our curriculum.


Firstly, our aim is for children’s attainment across the curriculum to be in line with or exceeding their age related expectations.                                                                                                                   

We measure this intention by using established assessment systems which are embedded across school.  Termly data is input and meetings are held with the Head Teacher to discuss children’s progress and plan additional learning opportunities or interventions as necessary. 

Impact: Data shows that all children make expected or better progress from entry into nursery to the end of Key Stage 1.


Secondly, our aim is for children to have a positive attitude to their learning, be motivated to succeed and be willing to persevere with challenges.                                                                          

We measure this intension in the behaviours we see in lessons and the work children produce.                                                       

Impact: Staff have high expectations for pupil engagement in lessons and the work children produce.  With the implementation of ‘Gem Learning,’ the rewards offered in class (gems, ‘chance tickets, Marvellous Me messages) and the encouraging and supportive relationships between teachers and pupils, children respond positively to these expectations.  Parents, governors and other visitors who come in to school to observe children working in lessons comment on how children are on task and how they can talk enthusiastically about their learning.  Our School Leadership Advisor and colleagues at network moderation meetings speak positively about the pride and productivity which evident in children books. 


Thirdly, our aim is for children to understand the complex values of friendship, trust and equality to prepare them for living in a community which demonstrates kindness, respect and tolerance.                                                                                                             

We measure this intention in the behaviours we see in and around school, on the playground and out in the local community.         

Impact: Respectful relationships between adults and children are evident across school and children readily demonstrate that they know how to help and support one another.  Visitors who come into school and the people we work with in the community commend our children’s conduct and behaviour.


Lastly, our aim is for children to have a strong personal sense of morality.  We aim for them to be able to decide what is right and what is wrong and be resilient to the influence of others.  We want them to be able to make decisions for the right reasons and in the best interests of their community.                                                                                                                                                              

We measure this intention in the behaviours we see in school; in how children behave and interact with others throughout the school day.                                                                                                                             

Impact: Children understand the importance of ‘making the right choices’ and ‘being kind to other people.’  (These being two of our three school rules.)  They know that following these rules ensures we are all part of a ‘happy’ school.  Furthermore, children understand that being part of a ‘happy’ school helps us to learn and ‘be the best we can be.’


Our school’s mantra of ‘being the best we can be’ is the driver behind achieving the intensions which underpin our curriculum.