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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Head Teacher and Deputy Head

Mrs Longstaff
Mrs Ramshaw

School Admin Staff

Mrs Bowden
Mrs Clark

Class Teachers

Mrs Rafferty
Mrs Airey
Mrs Fraser
Miss Miley
Mrs Barrass
Mrs Armstrong
Mrs Darby
Miss Teasdale
Miss Taylor

HLTAs and Learning Support Assistant

Miss Davison
Miss Hubery
Mrs Watts

Teaching Assistants

Miss Hudson
Mrs Osbourne
Mrs McCourt
Mrs Brown
Miss Pyle
Miss Lee
Miss Greathead
Mrs Manghan
Miss Barrass
Mrs Thomas
Mrs Brown
Mrs Fenwick
Mrs Kilby

Cook, Assistant Cook and Kitchen Staff

Mrs Greenwood
Mrs McGlen
Mrs Barrass Cairnes
Mrs Ellwood
Miss O'Donnell

Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Mason
Mrs Davidson
Miss Turnbull
Miss O'Donnell
Mrs Smith
Mrs Wintrip
Mrs Sefton

Caretaker and Hygienists

Mr Tomlinson
Miss Turnbull
Mrs Mason
Mrs Simpson
Mrs Barrass Cairnes