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Do you care for a child with additional needs?

Join our new supporting parents project


Supporting Parents And Creating Empowerment – SPACE

Designed to work alongside you to navigate the challenges you and your child face, and find the space to be heard and supported.

Access a range of workshops designed to increase your knowledge and skills in managing the needs of you and your family.


Workshop Programme:


Understanding Sensory Processing

  • Learn more about sensory processing and sensory integration
  • Reflect on your child’s sensory needs, and your own, and how they might change over time
  • Consider the impact of sensory needs on other family members/care givers and in different environments




Speech and Language Top Tips

  • The workshop will help you to think about how you can best communicate with your child and how you can share this knowledge with those in their education settings.



Education for School Age Children

  • How an Education Health Care plan (EHCP) could benefit your child
  • How to apply for one and what is involved in the assessment process and the timescales involved
  • When an EHCP is not appropriate and what support is available for children who do not have an EHCP
  • How to challenge decisions about your child’s educational support.



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The Bread and Butter Thing (Eden Hill People Centre)

Online  training courses for parents. Please click on the link below.

Foundation of Light

Contact Details below:


Support Coordinators


Karen Bond                 07741195832


Emma Burrows            07739303038


Julie Bellerby              07843632037


Support Workers


Sharon English            07595651365


Lisa Fox                      07843632038


Ally Neely                   07917501496