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Nursery follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Nursery have some set topics throughout the year but the curriculum is based upon the children’s interests. Adults work alongside the children supporting and extending their language development, play skills as well as knowledge and understanding.

 Children are assessed on entry using the Durham Scheme for Foundation Stage Assessment.

This gives us a “baseline” from which activities are planned to ensure all children develop at the appropriate rate.

Staff then continually monitor and record your child’s progress in their own personal record of attainment which is used to write an annual report then discussed with you at a parent’s day twice a year.

During the nursery session children are offered a free choice of activities both indoors and outdoors, whatever the weather, from a balanced programme.  We place a strong emphasis on learning in our outdoor environment.  Some activities will be adult led, and some child led.  Waterproof outdoor clothing is provided for outdoor use.

Each half term you will receive a Newsletter, which will include activities about the current theme, your child is taking part in at nursery.

Children at Nursery will learn by playing and exploring, being active and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside

Please see the section on nursery for recent updates.

How to help at home

At the beginning of each term you will receive information about how you can help your child at home. If you have any questions, please speak to a member of the nursery team.

Other information

Children go outside in all weathers so remember to pack a coat, hat, wellies, sun cream, depending on the weather.